Introducing iStart for Piston Engine Aircraft

iStart is an electronically controlled aircraft piston engine starting system which completely automates the delivery of fuel during engine startup.

iStart makes starting piston aircraft engines as easy as starting a car!

iStart Partners is pleased to introduce the iStart system. iStart is an electronically controlled aircraft piston engine starting system which completely automates the delivery of fuel during engine startup.

iStart is simple to install by any person with reasonable mechanical skills in just a few hours. The system is comprised of only two components. There are no additional switches or pumps to install. The iStart control module is installed behind the instrument panel. A throttle body injector plate is installed between the fuel servo and intake manifold.

Operation is as simple as setting mixture to cutoff, throttle cracked to approximately 1,000 RPM, turn on mags and energize the starter. iStart controls fuel delivery to ensure a perfect starting mixture regardless of whether the engine is hot or cold (iStart monitors the engine temperature to determine the best mixture). iStart will idle your engine and indicates to the pilot when it is time to transition the mixture control to rich. Once the pilot advances the mixture, iStart will automatically conclude its control of fuel delivery and the aircraft will operate as normal by pilot control. iStart cannot interfere with normal operations of the engine until the next engine start.

iStart is currently available for Lycoming powered experimental aircraft. FAA Certification is in process. Development for Continental engines is nearly complete.

Aircraft owners will relish the ability to start their aircraft as easily as they start their car regardless of whether its the first start on a cold day or a quick turn at the fuel pumps on a hot day. iStart makes it simple. iStart makes it easy. iStart makes starting assured.


iStart Partners is the brainchild of many of the same brains that brought you Sky-Tec Starters and Plane-Power Alternators. Based in Granbury, Texas, iStart Partners' sole mission is to make it as easy to start and aircraft as it is to start a car and have fun doing it.


Visit or contact iStart General Manager, Damon Berry by email at or phone (817) 219-0007.


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