Malta Airport to Waive Winter Landing Fees Again

For the third consecutive year, Malta Airport will once again be giving a 100% refund to all scheduled airlines on all their landing fees for the coming winter season (Nov 2013 – Mar 2014) with the aim to further stimulate traffic during the shoulder/winter months.

Commenting about this decision, CEO Markus Klaushofer said that “the waiving of landing fees in winter - a time which is particularly difficult for airlines - helps to alleviate the airlines’ fixed costs when flying to and from our Airport. This is a measure through which we are sharing the risk with the airline by eliminating the fixed cost and enabling it to pay only those fees applicable when the seat is filled. Once again, we are continuing in our efforts to stimulate further traffic and address the issue of seasonality, which is so crucial to the Maltese tourism industry.”

 This initiative forms part of Malta Airport’s Incentive Programme for airlines, aimed to attract airlines interested to start off their operations to Malta or looking at increasing their presence on the Maltese Islands. The Programme includes incentives such as the waiving of the night surcharge as well as free aircraft parking for scheduled passenger flights, both valid all year round. Another initiative included in the Incentive Programme is that aimed at increasing non-EU traffic.


 The details of the Incentive Programme for airlines are available online on