Next Generation Integrated Digital Cockpit-Cabin Communications Tested Over Europe

The flight program, on DLR’s Advanced Technology Research Aircraft (ATRA), a modified Airbus A320, ran for three days in June 2013.

TriaGnoSys solutions employ satellite, air to ground and other radio links, to connect communication networks through its cutting-edge mobility routers.

Our innovative products for GSM and compression deliver low-cost and efficient data communication. We also deliver tailored industry solutions through strategic partnerships with OEMs, system integrators and service providers.

TriaGnoSys Research and Development focuses on a broad range of mobile communication fields, including mobile end-to-end solutions, wireless In-flight Entertainment (IFE), next generation satellite connectivity and cabin/cockpit communication, as well as combined navigation and communications technologies.

TriaGnoSys is an EASA Part 21 Design Organisation and Production Organisation.

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