FBI: $1.2 Million Stolen from Swiss Airlines Flight Believed to be an Inside Job

An investigation into the theft of $1.2 million in cash from a Swiss airlines flight is believed to be inside job that happened at JFK International Airport — not Zurich.

The stolen money was part of a total of $93 million found in three crates on the flight, which was en route to a federal reserve facility in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Officials discovered that cash was missing when the flight arrived in New Jersey.

Authorities have reported that they believe the money was stolen at JFK, and that the thief strategically positioned the crate inside the hangar to hide an arm-size hole in the crate.

The cash was reportedly packed in $100,000 bundles, and the thief allegedly swiped 12 of those packs.

FBI agents assigned to the Newark field office will soon be administering polygraph tests to airport workers with direct access to the airplane and the hangar, news accounts say.