FAA Seeks Comments on Inflatable Lapbelts for Boeing 717-200 Planes

The FAA is seeking comments on a Boeing Co. plan to install inflatable lapbelts on its 717-200 planes, according to the Federal Register.

The belts, says the FAA, are “designed to limit the forward excursion of occupants in the event of an accident” on the 134-seat planes. The lapbelts operate much like automotive airbags, but are integrated into the lapbelts and inflate away from the passenger instead of toward them.

The FAA seeks comment on this inflatable addition because the airplane environment presents unique challenges not found in automobiles.

The FAA notice in the Federal Register also warns of the potential complexities of children in child safety seats or held by adults, pregnant women, and the potential for the systems to inflate unexpectedly.

For more information visit: https://www.federalregister.gov/articles/2012/03/23/2012-6957/special-conditions-boeing-model-787-series-airplanes-single-place-side-facing-seats-with-inflatable