UIA Interested To Further Develop Ground Handling Business

Ukraine International Airlines is interested in further development of the Interavia company, an airport ground services company under its control.

The head of Ukraine International Airlines' supervisory board, Aaron Mayberg, announced this at a press conference.

The Interavia company was previously known as Swissport Ukraine, but after it was bought by Ukraine International Airlines it was renamed at the request of its former owner, Swissport International Ltd (Switzerland).

Mayberg said that the management of the company has been set the task of submitting a business plan and a long-term development strategy for 3-5 years.

The airline company is presently considering the feasibility of managing Interavia through a process of independent of management, without the involvement of Ukraine International Airlines.

Ukraine International Airlines also rejects accusations by Swissport International that it seized Swissport Ukraine through a corporate raid backed its claims with legal conclusions by the Cameron McKenna international law firm.

The airline company said that it intends to protect its reputation in international courts in the future.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, Swissport International Ltd intends to re-enter the Ukrainian market following its loss of control over the Swissport Ukraine following a decision by the Kyiv Economic Appeal Court to transfer ownership of the company to Ukraine International Airlines.

Ukrainian News Agency

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