Swissport Plans To Re-Enter Ukrainian Market

Zurich-based Swissport International Ltd air company (Switzerland) intends to again enter the Ukrainian market in view of the loss of control over the Swissport Ukraine under the decision of the Kyiv Appeal Economic Court on its transfer into the ownership of Kyiv-based Ukraine International Airlines company, the Swiss ground handler has said.

At the same time, the Swiss company believes that the ruling of the Kyiv Appeal Economic Court was illegal and having no legal grounds.

"As a result, the property right for Swissport Ukraine was forcefully transferred to Ukraine International Airlines," the report said.

At the same time, the executive vice president of the overland servicing sector in Europe, Africa and Latin America of the Swissport International Juan-Jose Andres Alvez noted the company did not intend to quit the Ukrainian market and intended to do its best to return the Swissport Ukraine.

Swissport International Ltd is engaged in provision of services to about 118 million passengers and carries 3.5 million tons of cargoes a year on behalf of about 650 client companies in the aviation sector.

Swissport is represented in 192 airports of 38 countries.

Its annual consolidated operational profit is USD 1.9 billion.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, the Ukraine International Airlines company is one of the largest Ukrainian companies engaged in conduction of about 700 international and domestic flights a week.

Ukraine International Airlines has preliminarily reported a net profit of UAH 9.5 million for 2012.

Ukrainian News Agency

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