SWA To Raise Fees On Baggage And No-Shows

Southwest Airlines, the low-cost airline that regularly touted themselves as the one where "bags fly free" is planning to make changes to their customer fee policies in order to raise revenues.

The changes, announced during an investor meeting, include raising fees on third bags, as well as a fee charged to passengers who no-show flights without calling ahead to inform the airline, resulting in empty seats and lost revenue.

From the Christian Science Monitor:

CEO Gary Kelly said the Southwest fee will bring the airline closer in line with policies at other airlines and won't alienate customers.

"By our research, customers understand that we all could benefit — customers and the company — from the opportunity to resell a seat," Kelly said. "Once the airplane takes off and (a seat) is empty, we can't ever reclaim that."

Southwest also plans to begin raising fees on overweight bags and early check-ins. The changes are expected to begin in 2013.

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