Southeast Aerospace Receives CDSS STCs

Southeast Aerospace (SEA) has recently obtained FAA STCs for the installation of the Goodrich 8400M1 Cockpit Door Surveillance System (CDSS) in the Boeing 737-300/400/500, 747-400 and 777-200/300 airplanes. The certifications were performed in Thailand. The CDSS enables the operator to meet ICAO and EU-OPS requirements for flight deck door monitoring. Each airplane was equipped with 2 (747-400) or 3 zero-lux cameras in the cabin area near the cockpit door. The control panel and LCD display are accessible to both crewmembers in the cockpit while in the seated position.

SEA has provided Installation Kits including the Goodrich 8400M1 LRUs to the customer for installation in their complete Boeing fleet. For more detailed information please contact Rob Reed, SEA Senior Program Manager at +1-321-255-9877. Visit for more information on all of SEA’s products and services.

About Southeast Aerospace: Southeast Aerospace (SEA) is an FAA-approved authorized custom aerospace solutions provider located in Melbourne, FL. SEA provides manufacturing and engineering services, installations, part sales, repair and special missions for its domestic and international customer base. For more information about Southeast Aerospace products and services, visit