ABBCO Offers New Line of "Green" Absorbents

Since 1976, American Boom & Barrier Corp. has been a major supplier for oil spills and leak containment with a full line of absorbent products including a full array of spill kits. ABBCO has supplied Industrial, Commercial, Utility, Military and Government agencies worldwide for over 36 years.

ABBCO’s new “one-stop shopping” provides convenience and value with a full line of industrial absorbents, anti-fatigue mats, safety storage equipment and safety signage. Decision makers and buyers will be pleasantly surprised with ABBCO’s aggressive pricing and lower shipping cost. For closer inspection view our digital catalog and pricing at

ABBCO’s new ProSorbent line of green absorbent products meet many state and government agency requirements of recycled content, which makes them an excellent alternative to traditional products.

K-Sorb® “Universal” Particulate is highly absorbent recycled cellulose used to absorb liquid spills in industrial settings like: factories, machine shops, mechanics work stations, utilities, railroad facilities, air and bus transportation maintenance and much more. K-Sorb® is a non-carcinogenic, low dust alternative to clay based absorbents and diatomite.

Oil Hawg is a natural organic fiber that self remediates. It restores a surface to acceptable levels for all plants and animals. Oil Hawg is infused with microbes and essential nutrients that enhance bioremediation in hydrocarbon based spills on land or water.

ProSorbent “Natural” Oil Only Boom is 95% recycled cellulose that rejects water and provides a higher capacity of absorbency over Polypropylene Boom. Available in 5” X 10’ and 5” X 20’ lengths and comes with steel nickel plated snaps, UV resistant polyester netting, high tensile strength rope to help eliminate boom roll. Natural socks and pillows are also available.

ProSorbent “Universal” Needle Punch Industrial Rag Rugs is ideal to absorb the grunge from oil, coolants, solvents and water without looking dirty. Made from recycled polypropylene and acrylic fibers, it is a great choice where steady foot traffic might wear out an ordinary mat or rug that's become soaked. Rag Rug stands up to high traffic abuse, last longer and saves you money. We offer it in two different size rolls 36” X 150’ and 18” X 150’.