Xerox's Cloud Computing Capabilities to Aid Airline Safety

Xerox's cloud services are helping airlines share critical information, such as their flight plans and passenger details, with aviation agencies, such as the FAA and TSA.

About AvFinity: AvFinity makes aviation communications and integration consistent and reliable. AvFinity has multiple communications solutions including AIRS™— the AvFinity software technology residing on an industry-standard Cisco router. AIRS, built by a product team with a century of combined aviation messaging experience, provides solutions that are proven through thousands of hours of operation in actual flight environments. In addition, AIRS is flexible enough to support all communications types and protocols while easily handling the frequent changes and additions to messaging and communications systems that carriers experience. Because of its standards-based design, AIRS is implemented quickly and without any impact to a carrier’s existing IT infrastructure. For more information on all AvFinity’s services, visit

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