BLR Aerospace Will Promote Winglet Systems to European King Air Operators During EBACE

EVERETT, Wash., May 7, 2012 – Forty-two European-based King Airs in 12 countries — about 15 percent of the estimated regional fleet — are flying with BLR Winglet Systems. Nearly 400 Winglet Systems are in operation in 40 countries worldwide.

BLR representatives expect to further expand Winglets’ international presence by taking orders during the European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (EBACE), Exhibit 1931, May 14-16 in Geneva, Switzerland.

BLR offers a range of EASA-certified Winglet Systems for King Air 90, 200, and 300 aircraft models. In addition to supporting aftermarket customers, BLR Winglet Systems have been incorporated into production by the Original Equipment Manufacturer and are standard equipment on both the King Air 90 GTx and 250. The King Air B200GT Ultimate Performance Package, available as a field fleet retrofit, also incorporates Winglets and improves runway performance while delivering an increase in maximum mach operating speed.

Seidler Aviation added Winglets to its King Air B200 in 2011. “Our previous climb rate was around 1,500 feet per minute at 140 knots,” said Seidler Aviation Operator Max Quartermain. “We are now climbing at 2,000 feet per minute at 150 knots.” Quartermain described the fuel savings as “significant over long legs,” adding that he would recommend BLR Winglets to anyone considering them for a B200.

Winglets enhance aerodynamics and safety for the King Airs on which they are installed, and operators report a range of handling and operational benefits, including fuel savings. Fuel consumption can be reduced by 5 percent, an important consideration as the price of fuel continues to climb.  In addition, Winglets deliver 100 percent return on investment, according to Carl Janssens of the Aircraft Bluebook-Price Digest.

Bob Goff, past publisher of Twin & Turbine Magazine, says he is pleased with the in-flight benefits he has experienced with Winglets.  “Climbing between FL 280 and 320 I’m seeing 900 feet per minute — about 400-500 feet per minute in additional climb. In cruise I am way above book at 288 knots true. Winglets also improve landings. I’m getting a lot of attention on the ramp. This mod is a real eye-catcher.”

Winglets increase wingspan (by three feet five inches) as well as wing aspect ratio, lowering induced drag.  Reduced drag makes for faster flying and less fuel consumption. Winglets also act as a physical pressure barrier, which conserves valuable lift at the outboard extremities. Safety is enhanced through improvements to handling, OEI climb, and slow flight. 

BLR also offers an LED Lighting System, which is especially helpful for pilots who frequently fly at night, and is far more visible and reliable than incandescent lighting systems.

About BLR Aerospace

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