BERINGER Brake Systems Now Available Compatible With Mil Fluid

For over a quarter-century, BERINGER Wheels & Brakes have provided the highest-quality and lightweight wheels and brakes for motorcycling and aviation.

One of the acknowledged difficulties in expanding its market in aviation has been that Beringer’s commitment has been to top performance, and while automotive brake fluids have steadily improved, aviation fluid is constrained in a practical sense by the Mil spec and its brother, FAA certification requirements.

Whatever the customer preference, BERINGER is prepared to meet it. After arduous testing, the Company now announces that it can provide its brake system assemblies (master cylinders, calipers, ALIR anti-skid system, parking brakes, and pressure limiters) compatible with either fluid, per the customer specification. Lines and fittings remain compatible with either fluid type.

“This has been a question for some of our OEM customers, particularly,” says Rémi Beringer, Chief Designer. Though our heritage has been with automotive fluid and we still support that as our standard, we are now confident that the ‘red’ fluid will perform up to our standards, for years to come.”

The Mil (“red”) fluid parts must be specified; as with all machinery, customers should be sure to ask for the parts they want.