Gama Aviation Achieves FAA Part 129 Certification

Gama Aviation, the global business aviation and services company, announced that with immediate effect it has been approved by the US Department of Transport to operate unrestricted commercial flights between the European Union and the USA, following its award of full FAA Part 129 accreditation.

Obtaining FAA Part 129 status to operate unrestricted commercial flights between the EU and USA is one of the most challenging approvals for commercial operators. Gama Aviation, now in its 29th year, envisages increasing demand from its client base for transatlantic services and deemed it essential to invest in fulfilling the strict operational requirements that necessitate FAA Part 129 accreditation.

“Gama Aviation’s success in achieving FAA Part 129 approval means that we can offer a heightened service to our customers, ensuring that whether they are booking a flight with Gama in the US or Gama in Europe, they will benefit from consistently high standards, privacy, discretion and hassle-free travel arrangements, wherever their business or leisure activities may take them,” said Paul Cremer, Commercial Manager at Gama Aviation.