Premier Aircraft Service Becomes The Exclusive Authorized Installer of Mooney M20R Air Conditioning Systems

Fort Lauderdale, FL, March 15, 2012 – Premier Aircraft Service, a division of Premier Aircraft Sales, Inc., announced today that the Part 145 maintenance facility has been awarded exclusive rights to sell and install Mooney air conditioning systems on all Mooney M20R aircraft including the Acclaim, Ovation and Bravo models.

“Premier Aircraft Service is one of the most experienced and respected providers of maintenance, inspections and service for Mooney aircraft in the country,” explained Art Spengler, Premier’s Vice President of Operations. “Nobody outside Kerrville knows more about Mooneys than our team and being awarded the exclusive rights to install these air conditioning systems is testament to our high level of experience and commitment to quality.”

Spengler said that the new M20R vapor cycle air conditioning system weighs only 66 pounds and is engineered to be installed within the aerodynamic confines of the Mooney M20R-series airframes. The system features highly reliable dual evaporators and provides up to 14,000 BTU per hour of cooling.

“Another benefit to this system is that it can be used throughout all phases of a flight,” he said. “You can turn it on at start-up and off at shut-down. Pilots and passengers will remain cool and comfortable throughout the entire flight. 

The air conditioning system installation also includes a large baggage compartment vent and new overhead Wemac vents. According to Spengler the system takes two-weeks to install at Premier’s facility at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport (FXE).

He said Mooney owners who have contacted the company about the air conditioning upgrade often want to pair the installation with an annual or 100-hour inspection, saving time and the cost of transporting it. Others see summer coming and want the benefits of air conditioning quickly.

Installed price for the vapor cycle air conditioning system on a Mooney M20R Acclaim, Ovation or Bravo is $35,500.

The new Mooney Air Conditioning system is just one of a number of popular aftermarket upgrades offered to Mooney owners by Premier Aircraft Service. Another very popular upgrade is the installation of Monroy Long-Range Fuel Tanks.

For more information about the Mooney M20R Air Conditioning System, Monroy fuel tanks or any other of Premier Aircraft Service’s Mooney upgrades, please contact Art Spengler at 954.771.0411. Email:

About Premier Aircraft Sales, Inc.

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