Airport Screening Rules Changing For Some Seniors

Passengers 75 and older will no longer have to remove their shoes or light jackets in some security lanes; changes begin at Denver, Portland, Orlando, and Chicago Airports



Security changes are coming for some seniors at four airports, including Denver International Airport.

Starting Monday, passengers 75 and older will no longer have to remove their shoes or light jackets in some security lanes, according to the Transportation Security Administration.

"We?re pleased to pilot this program here at Denver," said Denver TSA Federal Security Director James Schear. "This is another step in moving away from a one-size-fits-all approach and streamlining the process for travelers that history and intelligence have shown pose less risk to aviation security."

The modified procedures will be tested in select security lanes at DIA, Chicago O?Hare International, Orlando International and Portland International airports, officials said.

The TSA said it hopes the changes will reduce -- though not eliminate -- pat-downs of travelers 75 and older.

Travelers may still be required to remove their shoes and undergo a pat-down if anomalies are detected during the security screening.

The modified procedures are similar to those tested and implemented in the fall of 2011 for passengers age 12 and under, according to TSA.


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