Eclipse Aerospace Releases iPad QRA

Charleston, SC, February 22, 2012 — Eclipse Aerospace, Inc. announces the Eclipse Quick Reference Application (Eclipse QRA) for the Apple iPad®, available exclusively for owners / operators of the Eclipse Twin-Engine Jet. The Eclipse QRA provides pilots with the ability to use an iPad as a unique flight-planning tool and for inflight reference documentation. The Eclipse QRA includes a weight and balance flight planning tool, interactive flight checklists, and performance planning tools. In addition, the Eclipse QRA is capable of providing digital copies of the Aircraft Flight Manual (AFM) and the Aircraft Maintenance Manual (AMM), complete with updated downloads of Temporary Revisions and other pertinent customer communications.

Eclipse Aerospace, with a commitment to maintaining the most technologically advanced jet aircraft in general aviation, continues to deliver critical features that are unavailable from other aircraft manufacturers. No other aircraft manufacturer has fully integrated an application to allow pilots to plan all phases of flight.

"Eclipse Aerospace is excited to provide our customers with the highest quality aviation tools to allow them to get the most from their Eclipse Jets," states Eclipse Aerospace CEO Mason Holland. "By placing all required information for the preparation and conduct of a flight in a single, easy to use solution, we are continuing the focus of Eclipse to reduce pilot workload, enhance safety, and increase situational awareness in flight."

Using the Eclipse QRA’s highly intuitive graphical interface, pilots can quickly and accurately calculate their mission. The data can be saved for future use, or for when things change at the last minute. Extra luggage or additional passengers are easily updated within the app to adjust calculations on the fly. The data can also be emailed directly out of the app to the pilot, dispatcher, or other relevant party.