Wicks Aircraft Supplies Hardware Kit for Onex

Wicks Aircraft Supply, located in the heart of the Lower 48, has reached an agreement with Oshkosh-based Sonex Aircraft to supply the hardware kits for their popular new Onex (pronounced “one-x”).

The low-cost aerobatic plane is the latest offering from the Wisconsin company, and since its Oshkosh introduction in 2011, the folding-wing Onex has shown that the single-place market is more viable than many have recently thought, bringing low-cost and efficiency back into fun, personal flying.

“We're happy to provide the convenience of a one-stop hardware source for Onex builders,” said Scott Wick, President of Wicks Aircraft, which also provides tools, finishes, instruments, and maintenance items to builders on an á la carte basis. “The Onex is a fun, finishable project, and we're here to help make sure builders have the proper high-quality parts they need, as soon as they want them.”

Mark Schaible, General Manager of Sonex Aircraft, said, “We are pleased to have Wicks Aircraft continue their long-standing support of our builders by adding hardware for our newest kit, the Onex, to their experimental aircraft hardware kit offerings. Wicks has been a great partner through the years, offering great customer service to our factory and to our customers around the world. The Onex is an extremely easy to build aircraft, and purchasing hardware from a one-stop source such as Wicks makes building it just that much simpler.”

Wicks Aircraft Supply has been serving aircraft builders and maintainers since 1974 from its headquarters in Highland, Illinois (near St Louis). Quality product and fast, experienced, excellent customer service have kept the Wicks base loyal, even as new aviation enthusiasts continue to discover the Wicks Experience.