Announcing the First Release of FAA Mobile!

FAA Mobile is an easy-to-use mobile website that provides quick access to popular tasks for aviation enthusiasts on-the-go. You can look up N-numbers, find Advisory Circulars, browse airport delays, and more. You can find FAA Mobile at (optimized for mobile devices).

The FAA Mobile website allows you to stay connected with popular features of from any location – whether it be the hangar, the office, or home. You can also access the full web version of by tapping a link at the bottom of any FAA Mobile page.

FAA Mobile fully supports iOS 4 and higher, as well as Android 2.2 and higher. For details on all devices that are compatible with FAA Mobile, see Supported Platforms and Devices.


FAA Mobile provides mobile access to the following features. To see page examples, click the "See Example" links.

  • N-Number Lookup
    Look up any aircraft's N-number to see ownership, registration, aircraft manufacturer and model, and more information. See Example

  • U.S. Airport Status and Delays
    Review information about airport status and delays across the entire National Airspace System (NAS), or look up the status of a particular airport to plan your travel schedule. See Example

  • Advisory Circular (AC) Lookup
    Find and read advisory circulars to help you comply with FAA regulations. See Example See Example

  • Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) Locator
    Locate the closest offices based on your current location, if you have Location Services enabled on your device. You can also locate FSDOs by region or by office name. See Example

  • Wildlife Strike Reporting
    Report an aircraft wildlife strike or edit an existing wildlife strike report. See Example

  • Supported Platforms and Devices

FAA Mobile 1.0 fully supports iOS 4 and higher as well as Android 2.2 and higher. The Blackberry (RIM), Windows Mobile, and WebOS platforms are untested. If you view FAA Mobile on one of those platforms, your user experience may not be optimal.

Why does FAA Mobile prompt me to use my current location?

The FAA's Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) "lookup" uses Location Services to determine the office with the address closest to your current location. If you enable Location Services, the FSDO list will display the closest offices to your current location, with the corresponding distance in miles.

If you choose not to enable Location Services on your device, you can select a FSDO by name, city, and state.

Why does my page view remain zoomed in?

Your page view may remain enlarged on some mobile devices after selecting an item from a list (such as a FSDO). This is due to your mobile device zooming in when you select from the drop-down list, and then retaining those zoom settings after the new page is loaded. To reset the zoom, double-tap the screen until it resets to normal zoom levels.

Why can't I find FAA Mobile in my App Store?

FAA Mobile 1.0 is not a mobile application; rather, it is a set of pages and services that are optimized for viewing on mobile devices. It can be found at

Why did you create FAA Mobile?

FAA Mobile was created to address the needs of mobile users who visit Mobile traffic to grew from 1.5 million to 4.4 million visits over the past two fiscal years. To address this rising demand, FAA Mobile was developed to help our website customers complete popular tasks on mobile devices.