Need A FAA IA?, Inc., a global dot com company, just launched This is a global website dedicated to helping aircraft owners, aircraft maintenance facilities and technicians find FAA certified Airframe and Powerplant Maintenance Technicians with Inspection authorizations (commonly known as “IA”) anywhere around the world.

Now anyone can find an “IA” with just a click of a mouse. From Boston to Bangkok, you can find an FAA certified IA near you.

The Parent Company, Inc, also specializes in placing contract FAA certified “IAs” overseas at FAA approved repair stations or any other place they maybe needed, any where in the world. Whether you need a short term or long term contract “IA”, can supply your IA and all your IA needs.

Mark Collins who is a co-founder of, Inc., and who also serves on AMTSociety Board of Directors, said in a statement celebrating the launch of,

“We are excited at the launch of our global Company. Our global and domestic vision is not only to work to help aircraft owners and Maintenance Repair Organizations locate IAs, but to also help supply them threw our company, contract FAA certified IA’s around the world. One of our prime objectives is to work with the ever expanding Asian market, where there is an explosion of growth of FAA approved MROs”

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