North American Surveillance Systems Awarded Wiring Harness Assembly Contract for Blue Devil II Airship

Deland, Florida --- January 3, 2012 – North American Surveillance Systems Inc., (NASS), a global leader in surveillance system integration, has been awarded multiple contracts for the U.S. Air Force Blue Devil Block II Airship.

“NASS is bringing its extensive experience in aircraft systems wiring to the Blue Devil 2 (BD2) project,” said Richard McCourt, NASS President. “This giant 370-foot long airship is seven times the size of the Goodyear blimp and will be deployed for surveillance missions over Afghanistan early in 2012.”

“The BD2 project requires thousands of feet of specialized wires and harnesses for the airship’s surveillance data processing supercomputer systems,” said McCourt. “NASS’ expert wire assemblers and engineers are creating the 800,000 feet or 151 miles of wiring required for the airship’s two gondolas in NASS’ operations center and hangar facility north of Orlando, Florida.

“In addition, NASS has been given the contract for the complete installation and integration of the cockpit control console and NASS will also provide assistance in the integration into the surveillance airship which is located in Elizabeth City, NC,” said McCourt.

The U.S. Air Force awarded the $86.2 million Blue Devil Block II development contract to MAV6, a defense technology company, who chose NASS to provide the wiring for the airship.

“NASS is proud to partner with MAV6 LLC and the U.S. Air Force. As an AS9100 and ISO9001 company, NASS will continue to provide that same level of excellence as it has in the past,” said McCourt. “This is another example of NASS’ growth and presence in the defense and aerospace industry.”

About NASS

North American Surveillance Systems specializes in the installation and integration of ISR, communications and weapons systems for airborne, maritime and ground-based applications. A veteran-owned small business and AS9100 company, NASS has more than 17 years of proven excellence in the modification of rotary and fixed-wing aircraft. NASS capabilities include ISR systems sales and integration, NVIS conversion, non-standard aircraft systems modification and weaponization of aircraft.

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