FAA not adequately tracking pilot errors



A new report shows some pilots have repeatedly failed safety tests and says the Federal Aviation Administration does not do a good job of tracking them.

The report from the DOT Inspector General says some of the pilots who fly through Charlotte may have failed test after test, but the FAA's oversight of air carriers' pilot training programs lacks the "rigor" to keep track of poor performing pilots and recognize potential risks.

The report also says the agency does a poor job of passing along information about pilots' qualifications to airlines -- and it says inspectors aren't well trained.

In some cases, they did not give extra oversight to pilots who had repeatedly failed tests.

The issue has been at the forefront of the aviation industry in recent years, especially since a crash near Buffalo three years ago that killed 50 people. The pilot failed four FAA proficiency checks and an investigation found his errors caused the plane to crash.

Some people traveling through Charlotte Tuesday said the report made them uneasy. One woman told us her husband flies every week.

"I would certainly prefer he travel with somebody who is proficient and passed all their safety tests. I don't know a business where you fail a proficiency test and they let you continue with your job,? she said.

The report listed several recommendations for the FAA to improve its oversight.

The agency agreed with most of the recommendations, and said it will make sure there are resources to put safety changes in place.

Report says pilot errors not being tracked by FAA


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