Albis Technologies Advances People Safety in the Workplace with Active RFID

The ZOMOFI S3135-H550 Z-Tag or the S3135-K633 Z-Tag Motion Plus can be easily carried by personnel or be attached directly onto the surface of vehicles, containers, and metal assets.

ZOMOFI® products are being deployed in many people safety and security applications in multiple sectors. In an offshore environment such as a rig or oil platform, there are many critical areas in which workers are exposed to potential danger. These areas can be monitored by a ZOMOFI® system, which provides decision-makers with the number of people present, the ability to find the nearest expert in cases of emergency, and the monitoring of blow out systems and machinery malfunction. Similarly, in a military environment the tracking system can monitor personnel, in particular the large and constantly moving population of a military base, the location of important equipment, and maintains control over sensors. In addition, this technology is also ideal for less critical, but important applications in which the monitoring of people can have security benefits, such as hotels, banks and schools.

About Albis

Albis Technologies is a leading international manufacturer and developer of innovative electronic products, systems and solutions serving business and industry, leisure, retail, transportation, healthcare, security, and telecommunications markets worldwide. The Zone Monitoring & Find Division (ZOMOFI™) focuses on the integration of active RFID (radio frequency identification) tags, components and solutions for a range of specialist applications for secure and efficient track and trace and access systems in all industry sectors. In particular, these applications include asset management, condition monitoring, people safety and high-speed tracing. The company’s high-tech capability resources, which support its cornerstone philosophy of customer innovation and service, include a Research & Development center in Zürich, as well as partner production facilities in Switzerland, Germany, Romania and China. For more information see: www.


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