FlightSafety Awarded a Contract to Upgrade Visual Systems on 37 T-38 Aircraft Simulators for USAF AETC

LA GUARDIA AIRPORT, New York (December 21, 2011) – FlightSafety International is pleased to announce that FlightSafety Services Corporation has been awarded a contract from the United States Air Force Material Command to upgrade the visual systems installed on 37 Northrop Grumman T-38 aircraft simulators for the Education and Training Command.

The simulators will be equipped with FlightSafety’s VITAL X visual system. VITAL X greatly enhances training fidelity of current and new flight simulators, improves maintainability, and extends the training capability of the devices. FlightSafety will also build and deliver a new high detail, high resolution, satellite imagery database specifically designed to support the T-38 aircraft’s mission.

The T-38 aircraft simulators are located at five United States Air Force bases and one contractor location. The simulators are in three configurations; Unit Training Device (UTD), Operational Flight Trainer (OFT), and Weapon System Trainer (WST). All devices will be upgraded to utilize FlightSafety’s VITAL X Image Generator and equipped with high definition projectors.

FlightSafety’s visual systems are designed and manufactured in St. Louis, Missouri. More than 1,000 VITAL visual systems have been delivered to 42 countries to date. VITAL X features continuous global satellite high-resolution imagery achieving exceptional realism with tens of thousands of processed elements and millions of features integrated into animated scenes of the real world. The system supports hundreds of six Degree of Freedom fully articulated moving models and 3D sea states and is capable of presenting environmental conditions experienced during all phases of flight including physics-based atmospheric and weather effects and continuous time-of-day operation.

FlightSafety Services Corporation provides quality Total Training Systems, Training System Management and Integration, Training Delivery Services and Contractor Logistics Support to the U.S. Government, prime government contractors and commercial entities. FlightSafety’s expertise in simulation technology coupled with a dedicated team of experienced instructors, technical staff, courseware developers, and simulator maintenance technicians support the delivery of quality military training.

FlightSafety International is the world’s premier professional aviation training company and supplier of flight simulators, visual systems and displays to commercial, government and military organizations. The company provides more than a million hours of training each year to pilots, technicians and other aviation professionals from 154 countries and independent territories. FlightSafety operates the world’s largest fleet of advanced full flight simulators at Learning Centers and training locations in Asia, Europe, North and South America, the Pacific Rim and South Africa.