Air Freight Continues Decline

Cargo demand is 4.7 percent below the same month in 2010 while passenger traffic shows a 3.6 percent rise over previous year levels

Notes for Editors:

  • IATA (International Air Transport Association) represents some 230 airlines comprising 93% of scheduled international air traffic.
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  • Domestic Markets: Domestic RPKs account for about 40% of the total market. It is most important for North American airlines as it is about 65% of their operations. In Latin America, domestic travel accounts for 47% of operations, primarily owing to the large Brazilian market. For Asia-Pacific carriers, the large markets in India, China and Japan mean that domestic travel accounts for 41% of the region’s operations. It is less important for Europe and most of Africa where domestic travel represents just 10% of operations. And it is negligible for Middle Eastern carriers for whom domestic travel represents just 5% of operations.
  • Explanation of measurement terms:
    • RPK: Revenue Passenger Kilometers measures actual passenger traffic
    • ASK: Available Seat Kilometers measures available passenger capacity
    • PLF: Passenger Load Factor is % of ASKs used. In comparison of 2011 to 2010, PLF indicates point differential between the periods compared
    • FTK: Freight Tonne Kilometers measures actual freight traffic
    • AFTK: Available Freight Tonne Kilometers measures available total freight capacity
    • FLF: Freight Load Factor is % of AFTKs used
  • IATA statistics cover international and domestic scheduled air traffic for IATA member and non-member airlines.
  • All figures are provisional and represent total reporting at time of publication plus estimates for missing data.  Historic figures may be revised.
  • Total passenger traffic market shares by region of carriers in terms of RPK are: Europe 29.2%, Asia-Pacific 29.2%, North America 26.7%, Middle East 7.2%, Latin America 5.12Africa 2.4%.

Total freight traffic market shares by region of carriers in terms of FTK are: Asia-Pacific 40.7%, Europe 22.1%, North America 22.8%, Middle East 10.1%, Latin America 3.1%, Africa 1.2%.


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