GE Aviation Signed Deals Valued at $13 Billion in Engines and Services at Dubai Air Show

GE Aviation has signed new engine orders and service agreements valued at $13.8 billion at the Dubai Air Show.

This includes plans to design and build a $120 million engine overhaul facility for Emirates airline in Dubai.

The orders include a $6 billion engine and service contract to power Emirates’ 50 new Boeing 777-300ER aircraft with the GE90-115B engines. The company also signed a $1 billion agreement with Cargolux to power its new fleet of Boeing 747-8 freighters with GE’s latest engine technology, the GEnx-B2 engine.

CFM International, which is a 50/50 joint venture between GE and France’s Snecma, announced that it would sell Republic Airways of Indianapolis, Indiana, advanced LEAP-1A engines to power the airline’s 20 Airbus 319neo and 60 Airbus 320neo aircraft. CFM will also supply Lufthansa with engines valued at $60 million.

GE also signed other agreements with Cathay Pacific, Air China, Qatar Airways and other airlines.

Speed, power and efficiency are some of the key factors that give airlines their competitive edge and determine which engine they buy. The GE90, GEnx, and LEAP are all part of GE’s Ecomagination portfolio.

For example, the GE90-115B is the largest and most powerful commercial aviation engine ever built. But it’s also been designed to be more fuel-efficient than its competition.

A fleet of thirty Boeing 777s powered by GE90-115B engines is designed to emit 389,000 fewer metric tons of carbon dioxide annually, compared to its closest competitor. That’s equivalent to the annual CO2 emissions of over 76,000 cars on U.S. roads. The same fleet can save $100 million in fuel costs annually, compared to its closest competitor.