Aviation Partners Boeing Announces New President

SEATTLE, Oct. 24, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Joe Clark, Chairman of Aviation Partners Boeing (APB) and CEO of Aviation Partners, Inc. announced today the appointment of Bill Ashworth as the new President of APB.

"We are excited to have Bill as our new President.  He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to APB.  He is the right man to help us grow this Joint Venture."  He is particularly well suited to steer APB's future as the former President of Goodrich Aviation Technical Services and prior to that, he was Manager of the Federal Aviation Administration Seattle Aircraft Certification Office.

Bill's Sr. Management Team at APB will include Mike Stowell, acting President of APB, Executive Vice President and Chief Technical Officer.  Mike has led the development of everyone of APB's successful Blended Winglet Programs – from the Boeing Business Jet to most recently the 767.  Dean Poor, Vice President of Operations and Patrick LaMoria, Vice President of Sales, are responsible for the manufacture and sales of more than 3600 Blended Winglet shipsets.

Aviation Partners Boeing is a Joint Venture of Aviation Partners, Inc. and The Boeing Company.

SOURCE Aviation Partners Boeing