Taking Orders

Ruminations from the Ramp Taking Orders By Tony Vasko September 2000 I have worked with a lot of aviation and ground equipment mechanics and have found they come in a variety of sizes and shapes with personalities ranging from "maybe he should...

We reminisced and he told me how he came to Eastern just a year before. The young Orion Air mechanic looked surprised while the two old heads talked. It became apparent that some of the old stories were true, or at least the lies were agreed to by two people.

"And do you remember our lead mechanic Watkins?" I asked.

"Oh yeah! Watkins! The fire extinguishers! You blew him out of that DC-4 wheel well and he came up looking like a snowman!" He used almost the exact words I had, for that is really what Watkins looked like.

The Orion Air pup stared at both of us. The discount rate went to 0 percent on my stories. I managed to sell him 50 yards of flight line, a bucket of prop wash, and sent him off after one of the few remaining sky hooks. I asked Nick if he could find me a left-handed Ford wrench.

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