GSE Expo Report 2000: Cockerel Crows Once More

Features GSE Expo Report 2000 Cockerel Crows Once More By Richard Rowe December 2000 Life has been a struggle for ground support multinational Teleflex Lionel Dupont (TLD) in recent years, but a fresh face at the top has helped the company...

"Doing that [maintenance] there is also a risk of becoming a competitor of our core customers," weighs in Fribourg. "We number handling and maintenance companies as customers."

As TLD’s rehabilitation continues, it is focusing on reorganizing to suit the business of its customers - customers whose needs are likely to change sooner rather than later, not least with the arrival of the next generation of aircraft such as the A3XX.

TLD is already investing heavily in Research and Development to bring existing equipment in line for use with the new A3XX family of aircraft, as well as designing new, tailor made equipment. Such an R&D effort is all part of what Maguin says is TLD’s attempt to be an industry leader. "We need to increase the number of our locations and the number of places in the world where we can provide support. Above all, we must stay a very reactive company."

TLD’s strength, adds Maguin, is the fact that it is the largest company in the world that only focuses on GSE. "Our competitors are all part of larger groups," says Maguin. "This is our only business, and we can be much leaner than the others."

Most importantly, says Scott Gordon--one of the key management whose patience had been tested by the old regime--one of the best things that has happened at TLD in the last year is that it now has continuity and communication.

"It’s now a very enjoyable working relationship," he says. And everyone knows that a happy company is usually an extremely productive company.

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