GSE Expo 2000 Report: Crowded House

Features GSE Expo 2000 Report Crowded House By Richard Rowe December 2000 The third GSE Expo rolled into Las Vegas in October and confirmed its position as an international event of considerable stature. Richard Rowe opens GSE Today’s...

As I also function as the GSE Today Society Editor I can report that the bride carried a bouquet of roses. The wedding party was composed of TLD executives and the wedding dinner was held at Antonio’s, one of the Rio Hotel’s outstanding restaurants.

Don is a veteran of the GSE industry, and Dee is certainly not a newcomer to aviation. Dee is with the Headquarters of the Air Education and Training Command at Randolph Air Force Base. The happy couple will live in Seguin, Texas.

Don continued working with the TLD team right through until Saturday. While I know that some outsiders might feel that there are more romantic sites for a honeymoon than a ground support exhibition, in my opinion, Don and Dee have set an example that folks in the GSE community should consider following. Those who are already married can renew their vows and take a second honeymoon. If the weddings are held at the Expo, the management of GSE Today and the Expo will be pleased to help with arrangements. We will even supply the famous Hatch chilies for the wedding dinner.

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Publisher’s Note

GSE Expo 2000 was a great success. Why? Simple answer--great exhibitors. The exhibitors brought new equipment and new ideas and they supported and participated in the conferences. It was their affair. It is for this reason that we feel that it is our responsibility to do everything that we can to make the Expo fit their needs. Our aim is to keep costs down and customer attendance up. We welcome suggestions as to how best to do this.

One issue faced by exhibitors in 2001 is the decision of the organizers of the Inter Airport Europe show in Munich to push back the event from September to early October, just two weeks before GSE Expo 2001. We understand that this imposes a burden on companies that wish to participate in both. We also know that trying to ship display equipment from one to the other will be very difficult, if not impossible. We will do everything that we can to help those companies that believe they should attend both shows.

As Inter Airport Europe is now more of an airport show and GSE Expo is recognized as the premier international ground support show, the decision may become easier for exhibitors in the future. (JGP)

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