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Health and Safety Back to Basics By Richard Rowe February 2001 Welcome to yet another new section within the magazine. This time, it is a regular section (in all 10 issues this year) devoted to ramp/airside health and safety issues. The...

This is a welcome step forward for Hewett who has endured slow progress in the project back at Heathrow. The problem is that the airport operator, BAA, wants every airline to request the use of the lifter before it injects money into the initiative (as it would involve expenditure on additional infrastructure). In addition, American won’t buy into the system because it does not have the luxury of a dedicated belt at Heathrow.

However, with the tentative plan to have a trial unit installed at Dallas/Fort Worth, Hewett remains upbeat. When the initial trials were underway a year ago, Hewett predicted that within the next five years they would be installed in airports all over the world. He stands by that prediction today.

GSE Today will follow the development of the baggage lifter project at Dallas/Fort Worth with considerable interest.

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