Hire and Hire

Features Hire and Hire By Richard Rowe February 2001 Recruitment in the ground support industry is tough at the best of times, but today’s tight labor market means that organizations are having to be even more creative than ever, as Richard...

Frankfurt supported VAS for the initial hiring of staff with personnel department representatives making the journey to support in interviewing, but now VAS is left to its own devices. "As labor law is very different in Austria, we can’t rely too much on Frankfurt."

For her part, Abel has no regrets about moving to Vienna. "Working at an outstation gives you more responsibility, freedom and flexibility. It is a very challenging job to build up a new station and to start with nothing."

Abel enjoys the independence and the speed of decision making inherent in such a small team. "I have never had such an overview on so many different management functions before," she adds, clearly relishing the challenge.

Faced with very different recruitment issues, both VAS and UPS have tackled them with some gusto.

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