Airside Ergonomics

Health and Safety Airside Ergonomics By Richard Rowe April 2001 Ground support is one industry where work-related repetitive injuries have taken a terrible toll. GSE Today reports on efforts by one U.S. company to drive down the cost of such...

The company’s patent pending High-Visibility Chocks are made of solid yellow rubber joined by wire rope rated at 1,700 pounds and sheathed by a yellow hose. The yellow hose measures 0.75 inches and can be easily grabbed with gloves, says Agtuca. The chocks can stand vertically for better visibility, while also reducing repetitive bending strain.

Ergowand chocks and clipboards.

"They are designed primarily for use on GSE such as tractors, dollies, carts, and other ramp vehicles," Agtuca explains. "Our design is an improvement from the typical nylon rope used with chocks that untie or deteriorate under harsh ramp conditions."

The importance of good quality chocks has been highlighted by fatal rolling accidents such as the O’Hare International accident reported by the Chicago Tribune on December 7, 2000 and an accident at Seattle Tacoma International reported by the Seattle Times in May last year.

"Both accidents in which the operators were crushed by their GSE could have been prevented had their vehicles been chocked," believes Agtuca.

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