Hot Shots: Europe

Features Hot Shots: Europe Tooling Up By Richard Rowe April 2001 Hydro - Geratebau has established itself as a leading manufacturer of GSE and maintenance tooling and has developed license agreements with most major aircraft...

RW: Hydro has a high quality, innovative product, which requires less maintenance and reduces life cycle costs. Having established its own sales offices and sales representatives worldwide, Hydro is able to provide global services at all times. In order to accommodate customer wishes, Hydro expanded by establishing its own production facility in the USA as well as sales offices in France, China, and Japan. Over the last three years, the company’s turnover and number of employees have doubled to an estimated 165 employees worldwide and that is continuing to grow steadily. We plan to expand further by establishing additional offices worldwide.

GSE Today: You have hinted already, but tell us about your company’s priorities for the immediate future.

RW: It’s about providing even better service and maintaining our high quality standards. Hydro will continue to manufacture quality products and improve customer services with the objective to continue establishing innovative products on the market and to keep the position as number one GSE and tooling specialist. We will also concentrate on developing our business in the U.S. and China.

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