Keeping On Track

Editor’s Note

Keeping On Track

By Michelle Garetson

February 2002

Michelle GaretsonWelcome to a new year of GSE Today. You've no doubt discovered that some, but not all, of the players have changed in the masthead. While the ownership of the publication has changed, the focus has not. GSE Today is still very much committed to serving the ground support equipment and ground handling services industries, worldwide.

As the magazine begins its tenth year of publication, we appreciate the manner in which Jennifer and George Prill and staff have guided this magazine to become the resource for the ground support industry.

As mentioned above, some of the names have changed, but some have not. Former Editor, Richard Rowe will continue to provide industry articles from his new base in Edinburgh, Scotland. Tony Vasco will continue his entertaining and informative "Ruminations from the Ramp." Martin Lamprecht, Nina Lamprecht, and Laura Waugh will also stay on staff and we are pleased to offer this continuity for our readers.

Certainly, year 2002 will be interesting to watch as it unfolds. Mergers and consolidations will no doubt continue as will new advances in technology — specifically in the security solutions sector.

Other items to monitor will be the further implementation of the "electrification" of GSE, as well as the development of fuel cells and other types of alternative fuels; along with any regulatory and airport infrastructure issues that arise as by-products of new technologies. l. With the global economy, as well as the aviation industry continually bucking and swaying, it will be crucial to stay on track with emerging trends in technology, new products and services, as well as regulatory issues and those responsible for making policy.

Comments regarding GSE maintenance have surfaced as a hot button item. Finding parts for much of the older equipment on ramps worldwide, or finding people to service the variety of vehicles, or getting training for the new products coming out have all been mentioned as topics deserving coverage. As the former Editor of Aircraft Maintenance Technology magazine, I understand these particular plights and will work to address these important topics in future issues.

The editorial department is always looking for information that will be useful to readers. We're interested in your comments as to what you look for in publications and web sites and how you use them in your day-to-day operations.

We invite you to phone, send a letter or email our offices to tell us what you need to help do your job better, faster, and smarter. Or, if you've developed some "best practices" that would benefit others in the GSE industry — we want to hear from you.

Personally, I'd like to thank those who have called and emailed already with their comments as well as their support for this publication. This feedback helps us to direct the focus and keep
on track.

Thanks for reading.

Michelle Garetson

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