The Stress Factor

Health and Safety The Stress Factor Lack of job security and strict safety regulations affect mental health, writes Sara Garity By Sara GarityBy Joan Bittel> October 2002 Stress is a subject that is often ignored on both a personal and...

  • Recognize that you have a problem. "Admit that you are feeling stressed."
  • Manage your stress. Notify others. "You don't need to use the word 'stress'. Say, 'This is what I am experiencing and this is what I am unable to do."
  • Be accountable. "Relate and talk to others. Working in aviation requires teamwork. Give your co-workers feedback."
  • Delegate. "Have other people help or support you."
  • Avoid. "Avoid taking on more responsibility or agreeing to overtime."
  • Get Help. "Don't let it affect home or other relationships. Don't turn to short-term relief. Talk to a doctor or counselor."
  • Consider leaving. If things get really bad, consider leaving your job. "When necessary, you have the freedom to move on."


- Spouse or friend
- Doctor
- Spiritual advisor
- Employee assistance professional
- Psychiatrist, psychological, social worker, or qualified counselor

National Mental Health Association,
FEI Behavioral Health,,
Wallsend Self Help Group,

A few other suggestions for combating stress include involving yourself in physical activities, leisure activities, eating an anti-stress diet, forming good relationship with colleagues, using relaxation techniques, and taking breaks when you need them.

Whether you are just beginning to see the signs of stress or know that you are already stressed out, it is never too late to begin the healing process. Take a walk, talk to a friend, or even seek out a medical professional. You work hard maintaining the ground service equipment, managing personnel and operations, and providing customer safety. While stress cannot be entirely eliminated, reducing the factors that contribute to stress, will help you maintain your physical and mental health.

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