One Year On

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One Year On

By Michelle Garetson

October 2002

Michelle GaretsonOne year on, the aviation industry's calendar is now measured from September to September.

One year on, we find ourselves still sifting through the emotional and physical limitations imposed on us ironically by one of aviation's own devices, and yet passenger numbers continue to rise.

One year on, some airlines have declared bankruptcy, while others have shown positive growth. Scores of airline workers have been laid off, yet CEOs are still able to keep their "golden parachutes" aloft.

One year on, aviation insurance rates have risen dramatically, causing financial and liability hardship to the clients who keep them in business.
One year on, aviation security has been federalized, but not finalized in the eyes of the flying public.

However, one year on, the aviation industry was not extinguished completely as predicted, and signs point to further recovery in the coming year.

This issue features articles that reflect on how this past year has affected aviation and aviation ground support. Our cover story by Richard Rowe, "Ground Handling: One Year On" (page 24), reports on how ground handling companies have fared in the last 12 months.

The story from Delta Airlines (page 18) discusses how important the airline's ground support equipment maintenance has become in light of the repair, not replace, mandate brought on by September 11, 2001.

And, our Health and Safety article offers suggestions in dealing with stress in your personal and professional lives.

In contrast, we also have articles on new technologies being introduced to the cargo industry, as well as a buyer's guide for passenger boarding bridges; plus, loads of new products for your review.

One year on, GSE Today is proud to serve as a resource for the aviation ground support industry and we thank everyone for their continued support of this magazine, our trade show, and of the aviation industry.

Thanks for reading.

Michelle Garetson

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