Procurement Plan

Feature Procurement Plan George Prill interviews Marianne Deuster, the newly appointed head of acquisition of GSE for the United States Air Force. By Michelle Garetson/p> By George Prill December 2002 This year's GSE International Expo...

GP: Are you interested in refurbishment or remanufacturing ground support equipment presently in the inventory?

MD: We consider buying new versus refurbishment/repair. We use cost benefit analysis as a way to do this. Obsolescence continues to be an issue for life cycle support and sustainment. Each case is evaluated and a cost benefit analysis is done to make the best decision.

GP: How can a small company that has never done business with the government best work with your organization?

MD: We utilize Federal Business Opportunities to advertise Federal government procurements over $25,000. Participation in trade shows like the GSE Expo provides valuable insight into the ground support industry. Our technical staff utilizes the Expo as a market research resource.


Federal Business Opportunities
Phone: 877-472-3779 (Toll Free)

Warner Robins-Air Logistics Center Small Business Office
180 Page Road
Robins AFB, GA 31098-1600

GSE International Expo
May 13 -15, 2003
Las Vegas Convention Center
Las Vegas, Nevada
Phone: 800.827.8009

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