What's In A Name?

Editor’s Note

What's In A Name?

By Michelle Garetson

December 2002

Michelle GaretsonAlot. The staff of GSE Today knew we had a tough road ahead when it was decided to change the magazine's title to one that would better reflect the content, scope, and mission. Renaming this publication Ground Support Magazine says a lot in just a few words. This title needed to incorporate all of our readers — not just those who produce and sell ground support equipment. Our readers and advertisers comprise all aspects of aviation ground support: from manufacturer to distributor to ground services to maintenance; from airline to FBO, in civilian and military operations — worldwide.

GSE Today has always tried to provide its varied readership with information pertinent to each sector of the ground support market and Ground Support Magazine will continue in that effort. With few resources available specific to aviation ground support currently, it is our challenge and commitment to bring this audience accurate and useful content through our publishing, interactive, and exposition

With the February 2003 issue, readers will see that our name has changed, but our mission and commitment to better serve the aviation ground support industry has not. As always, we appreciate and encourage your feedback to help us stay on top of the important issues.

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Our Industry Outlook article beginning on page 18, offers the first ground support industry review in GSE Today since August 2000. Interestingly enough, some of the predictions given in that article are coming true despite, as well as a result of, September 11, 2001. Standardization of aircraft by airlines and increased cargo activity in Asia are two of those items that are clearly evolving today.

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Ground Support Magazine would like to say thank you and best wishes to the following staff members who will be moving on in 2003. We wish Laura Waugh, Classified Sales Representative, well in her graphic design business and teaching career. All the best to Nina Lamprecht on her engagement and upcoming marriage. And finally, continued success to George Prill in his new role as Consultant to the GSE Exposition Division. Prill, no doubt, is busy with helping the Expo staff in coordinating the upcoming Aviation Services & Suppliers SuperShow, which will be co-located with GSE International Expo, May 13-15, 2003 in Las Vegas.

Thanks for reading.

Michelle Garetson

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