PrimeFlight Aviation Services Expands Services to Seattle-Tacoma

Nashville, Tennessee, — PrimeFlight Aviation Services, one of the leading providers of ground support services to the aviation industry, has been awarded the contract for all ticket checking services at Seattle-Tacoma Airport, according to Keith Wolken, president.

The multi-year contract adds 55 people to PrimeFlight’s workforce in both Seattle and Nashville. Previously, the ticket checking had been handled by three companies. PrimeFlight demonstrated to Seattle-Tacoma the advantages of consolidating under one company and the Port awarded the entire ticket checking responsibility to PrimeFlight.

According toWolken, president of PrimeFlight, “We are pleased to establish ourselves in such a vibrant market as Seattle. We have been successful in building this business through our commitment to customer service, training, innovative programs and service offering. We remain committed to these fundamentals and expect to expand our services to other airports in the coming year.”

He went on to say, "Having all checkpoints under the control of one company in Seattle makes the manpower a more fluid resource, therefore adding value to the airlines. The air carriers can be ensured a better flow of communication, consistency in service and accountability. And the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and the Port of Seattle have a simplified chain of command and more prompt resolution to any issues that might arise.”

PrimeFlight provides a wide spectrum of ramp services, airplane cleaning, baggage handling and skycap service for all of the major airlines and a number of regional airlines at over 60 airports around the country. PrimeFlight is part of SMS Holdings, the parent company for a diverse group of companies providing facility and security management services in the shopping center and aviation industries. Established in Nashville in 1988, the company currently employs more than 10,500 people in over 340 facilities in 42 states.