DHL Announces Rates for 2006, Effective Rate Increase of 3.5%

PLANTATION, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 19, 2005--DHL Express (USA), Inc., today announced new rates effective February 5, 2006, in line with recently announced annual increases in the express and parcel industry, including a 5.5% increase for DHL Domestic Air Express and International Express and a 3.9% rise for DHL Ground Service.

Concurrent with the 2006 rate changes, DHL will institute a cap of 14.5% on its published fuel surcharge for Domestic Air Express and International Express, a move that will allow customers to better predict and control their transportation spending, and will reduce the index used to determine its air fuel surcharge by 2%, resulting in an effective rate increase for DHL Domestic Air Express and International Express services of 3.5%. The fuel surcharge index calculation for Ground products remains unchanged.

Rates for DHL@Home, the company's expedited business-to-residence shipping service, will increase an average of 6.5%, effective January 2, 2006. Rates for DHL Global Mail International will increase by an average of 9%, effective January 2, 2006. Rates for the DHL Global Mail Domestic will increase by an average of 7%, effective January 8, 2006.

Other pricing changes include a $0.10 increase in the surcharge for Residential Delivery and for both residential and commercial Delivery Area Service. The fee for Signature Required will increase by $0.25; and the Weekly Service Fee will increase by $1.00.

With these adjustments, DHL express and ground delivery service rates will remain the most competitive available in the industry.

"With an expanded, streamlined US domestic network and unmatched international reach, DHL continues to offer the best value and most competitive rates in the express and ground parcel delivery industry," said John Pearson, Executive Vice President of Commercial for DHL. "Moving into 2006, we will continue to expand our service offerings and elevate our service to deliver a superior customer experience, changing the way the shipping business does business."

As part of an announced $1.2 Billion investment in its US domestic network, DHL continued the expansion of its US domestic network in 2005 by opening two new, strategically located air and ground hubs. The DHL domestic network now offers greater connectivity to support the company's comprehensive ground and air services. Last week, as part of the company's ongoing focus on providing best-in-class customer service and a superior customer experience, DHL announced the launch of its Partnership CARE program. Unique to the industry, the Partnership Care program is designed to identify and tailor solutions to meet individual customer needs, ensuring all DHL customers with specialized needs receive the highest possible level of support.

Additional details and effective dates of the 2006 fee and rate changes will be available at as of January 5, 2006.

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