D/FW, American Agree on Wright, But Fight is Costly for Both

On Thursday, American will launch 16 daily flights from Love Field, its first North Texas service away from D/FW in more than four years.

Mr. Bushelman said many Cincinnati residents drive to Dayton, Ohio, or Louisville, Ky., to catch cheaper flights on AirTran or Southwest. At the same time, others who live in the region drive to Cincinnati for the plentiful nonstops.

"We don't have any low-cost carriers out here, but we do have service that this community probably wouldn't have seen," he said.

As it restructures through federal bankruptcy, Delta has decreased its flights from Cincinnati, though the Atlanta-based carrier owns the terminals it flies from there and therefore cuts the financial impact to the airport itself.

Look for more airline/airport conflicts ahead as the industry restructures and airlines look to downsize or even close hubs, said Mr. Stettler.

"There's always going to be that tension" between airports and airlines, Mr. Stettler said. "It's definitely popping up more these days."

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