Aviapartner to Launch Automated Baggage Reconciliation System

Aviapartner, Europe's leading independent ground handler, is proud to announce that it has successfully completed the development and implementation of an automated wireless baggage reconciliation system.

Aviapartner baggage loaders can from now on scan the baggage label information automatically with wireless hand terminals. At closing of check-in, the manifest is produced containing all the necessary information for the loading of the luggage. The information exchange with the airline's DCS system is provided via Sita's BagMessage system, via the wireless network of the airport.

As soon as passengers have checked in, their baggage goes its own way to the baggage sorting room. Baggage reconciliation is the process which ensures that the suitcases which are loaded onto the aircraft are only those which belong to a passenger who is actually on board of the aircraft.

Using an automated baggage reconciliation process increases accuracy and ensures that the luggage is loaded into the right containers (business vs economy - transfer vs local). It enables us to locate and offload bags from missing passengers at the gate in a faster way, so that delays are avoided. It’s the best guarantee for security. Automated reconciliation guarantees a much higher service quality and efficiency of baggage handling operations, as it gives 100% assurance on the information scanned and reduces the risk of mishandling bags to virtually zero.

Aviapartner is the first handling company to launch such a system. Trials were successfully carried out in the last few weeks with Finnair as pilot customer in Aviapartner’s handling station in Brussels. The system is now ready to be rolled out throughout the Aviapartner network.

This Aviapartner system makes use of the newest technology. The whole system is developed under JAVA, uses a standard Internet Browser and runs on Aviapartner's central server in Brussels via our WAN backbone, therefore is very easy to implement throughout our network.

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