Carmanah Unveils New Wireless Solar-Powered Airfield Light

Carmanah Technologies Corporation announces the launch of its Model A704-5 wireless solar-powered LED airfield light into China's rapidly growing aviation market.

Carmanah representatives unveiled the Model A704-5 at the inter airport China 2006 tradeshow in Beijing, China, September 6 - 8, and then met with distributors from seven surrounding countries at the Carmanah Aviation Distributor Conference in Beijing, September 8 - 10.

China is a key aviation market with the world's second largest total of departing passengers on scheduled airlines and unprecedented growth averaging 13 per cent per year. Carmanah's Model A704-5, the world's most versatile solar-powered LED airfield light for permanent, temporary and emergency applications, will help meet the demands of China's large-scale airport expansions.

"This is our first airfield light to include wireless control and our first light to include dual-function infrared and visible-spectrum LED operation," states Carmanah's CEO, Art Aylesworth. "The A704-5's unprecedented suite of features greatly increases the range of applications and safety enhancements for our commercial, defense and general aviation customers."

The Model A704-5 includes the following new features:

-Improved visibility and safety through the use of brighter LEDs and a new lens design that provides a wider beam angle.

-Available wireless control with Carmanah's rugged, water-resistant handheld controller allows any single group of lights to be operated remotely from up to 2.5 miles (four kilometres) distance. Operators on the ground, in a control tower, or a moving vehicle or aircraft can control light operation and intensity to save power or increase brightness for times of low-visibility. Lights also include a manual switch and Carmanah's standard fully programmable operation.

-A connector for a standard external VHF receiver allows the Model A704-5 to be configured for pilot-controlled lighting (PCL) (which allows pilots to turn on airfield lighting for 15-minute intervals by keying a VHF transmitter). LED lighting is ideally suited to PCL because it activates instantly, requires no warm-up time, and isn't damaged by being turned on and off.

-A more powerful battery stores a charge for up to 600 hours of autonomous operation. The A704-5 also includes an external power supply connector.

-Carmanah's proprietary MicroSource(R) integration technology now includes maximum power point tracking (MPPT) for even more efficient solar charging.

-Operation in both visible and infrared modes. Infrared lighting, invisible to the naked eye but highly visible to night-vision equipped pilots, is becoming increasingly popular as a safety enhancement for non-military aircraft in low-visibility situations. Some commercial aircraft now have infrared cameras pre-installed.

-A carrying handle built into the aluminum housing to expedite portable airfield setup.

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