Jet Fuel Filters Problems

Dear Editor:

I want to make sure the industry knows to not use water absorbing filter elements on Jet A fuel pretreated with anti-icing additive. Also known as Prist (R), FSII and DiEGME, this additive has proven to not be compatible with water absorbing elements.

Velcon has issued a warning on their website:

They have a lot of information on various aspects of aviation fuel filtration.

Facet has not done so yet on their website, but they have produced a similar letter. Facet does have a warning about the maximum life of such elements in normal Jet A:

The message is: You should not be using water absorbing elements in anti-icing additive (Prist/DiEGME/FSII) treated jet fuel and if you are doing so today, make plans to change over as soon as possible to the elements recommended by your oil company or filter supplier.>

Jim Gammon Gammon Technical Products, Inc. New Jersey