Aviapartner Launches Internet Check-In and Common Bag Drop-off Solution

Aviapartner, Europe's leading independent ground handler, is proud to announce that it has successfully completed the development of an internet check-in and a common baggage drop-off system. These systems are designed specifically for charter and low-cost airlines.

When passengers book a flight with a tour operator, they receive information about the website address where they can check in online. Aviapartner receives the booking details from the airline through the PNL (Passenger Name List) and stores them on its L-DCS server (DCS=Departure Control System) in LCA (the Local Check-in Application). The website in question can be accessed 24 hours before the flight. This means that passengers can choose their seat and print their boarding passes from home and arrive later and relaxed at the airport, avoiding a possible queue at check-in. A drop-off point is set up in the airport, where passengers can leave their luggage. And this speeds up the bag handling process as compared to the time needed for a traditional check in process.

Apart from being used for the Charter and LCC passengers, the system also can be set-up for DCS systems of regular airlines and for CUSS kiosks. Agents working at these common drop-off points do not have to log out and log in again to switch from one system to the other. Just by scanning the 2D (2-dimensional) barcode on the home printed A4 boarding document, the system automatically selects the DCS involved.

The internet check-in system is based on Aviaparner's Local Check-In Application (LCA), a Unisys product. LCA is one of the applications in Aviapartner’s Common Language Facility (CLF) called ACE (Aviapartner Common Language Environment). This Aviapartner DCS system is designed specifically for charters and low-cost airlines and works with the same graphical user interface as the individual airlines’ systems. So far, in 2006, 2.500.000 passengers have been checked in at Aviapartner in LCA.

The first phase of the internet check-in project is currently being tested in Brussels with Thomas Cook. It is now ready to be implemented throughout Aviapartner’s handling network in the coming months and will be up to full speed before the peak summer season of 2007.

The next phases under development are telephone and CUSS check-in (Common Use Self-Service Check-in).