Frontier Jet Runs Over Worker at DEN

A spokesman for Frontier Airlines says it could have been a lot worse. An employee with the airline slipped on ice at Denver International Airport Sunday, and his leg was run over by the nosewheel of an Airbus A319.

The Associated Press reports the unnamed ramp agent was placing chocks down in front of the plane at the gate when he slipped, and the jet rolled over his leg. The worker suffered a broken leg and dislocated knee.

"We weren't sure if they were going to be able to save his leg," said spokesman Joe Hodas. "We're happy that they could."

Hoda added slick pavement can be a big problem at the Colorado airport, especially around the north sides of the terminal that get very little sun to help melt the snow and ice. The ramp around gate A39 had been plowed that morning, Hoda added.