Hydrogen Engine Center is Part of the Solution

Hydrogen Engine Center, Inc. is working to develop a world-wide market for reliable, site-specific, renewable power generation and alternative-fuel internal combustion engines for the industrial, distributed and standby power generation markets. The...

ITM Power Plc and HEC plan to jointly develop products for a non-polluting, gridindependent energy system which can undergo early field trial testing. HEC anticipates that ITM can offer an assured supply of hydrogen using ITM's low cost electrolyzer technology. ITM anticipates that HEC will provide an early route to the provision of a complete system package using HEC's proven engine technology. The combination of a hydrogen-fueled internal combustion engine and a low cost electrolyzer could provide the essential technology to convert low-value, intermittent, renewable energy (wind, solar) into a reliable, non-fossil energy supply. HEC personnel are always available to help you customize systems so that you can reduce your dependence on uncertain oil supplies and promote a cleaner future through renewable power generation.

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