Spirit Airlines to Charge for Checked Baggage, While Cutting Fares

Fort Lauderdale, Fla. — Spirit Airlines will begin charging for all checked baggage in June, while also cutting fares by up to 40 percent.

Spirit also will charge for each checked bag for flights taking place June 20 or after, according to its Web site. Customers will still be allowed one carry-on bag for free, but one or two checked bags will cost $5 each if passengers make flight reservations on the carrier's Web site. The fee will be $10 each for one or two bags if passengers don't use the Web site for reservations. The charge is $100 for the third bag and on. The airline currently allows one checked bag for free and $10 for a second checked bag.

Most large U.S. carriers allow a carry-on bag and up to two or three checked bags at no additional charge per passenger. However, U.K.-based Ryanair charges a fee for each item of checked baggage, according to its Web site. Air Canada offers customers the option of saving $5 if they don't check any baggage.