Big Orders at the Paris Air Show

Airbus and Boeing battle it out for the limelight and make big announcements.

The Paris show comes amid revived fortunes for the commercial airline industry. After two years in the red, the industry will make a profit of just over $5 billion this year, despite rising fuel costs, says the International Air Transport Association, whose 250 members claim to represent 94 percent of international air traffic.

Airlines often reserve big announcements for the show to ensure maximum impact. At the last show in 2005, Airbus announced orders worth $33.5 billion, double Boeing's $15 billion based on list prices -- which are usually discounted for the deals.

Away from the rivalry between Boeing and Airbus, Rolls-Royce PLC said Monday it had received the largest-ever firm engine order for its civil aerospace business from Qatar. The $5.6 billion order is for Trent XWB engines to power Qatar's new fleet of 80 Airbus A350 XWB twinjets, with deliveries beginning in 2013.

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